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Whooping (also spelled whupping) is a colloquial term for either a hard spanking (on the buttocks) or — associated with uncontrolled anger — a whipping on the entire body. It is similar to whack and whacking. Usage of this version of the term is strongly associated with poorer social-economic groups and rural areas, especially the American South. A whooping is usually delivered with a belt or switch. Due to its severity, it is often synonymous with a beating.

Depending on the context of its usage, getting an "ass whooping" (or whoopin') can mean severe corporal punishment, being beaten up in a fight, or suffering some form of humiliating defeat. It has the same meaning as being "taken out to the woodshed."


"Whooping" in the spanking context is a corrupted variant of "whipping". It is probably unrelated to the verb "to whoop" (yell) and "whooping cough" (an onomatopoeia). The verb "to whoop" can have either meaning: a) to make a whoop, b) to beat, to strike, to defeat as in the colloquial expression, "open a can of whoop ass."

In the Elvis Presley film Kissin' Cousins (1964), set in the Smoky Mountains, hillbilly girls played by Yvonne Craig and Pam Austin make several references to getting a "whomping" (implying an old-fashioned, rural-style switching) from their father. (Whomp is defined as a loud or heavy slap, blow or thud.)

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The corporal punishment videos listed below use several spelling variations, all with the same meaning.

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