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"Nurse" in a white room setting.
"Nurse" in a white room setting.

A white room, in a BDSM context, is a room designed for medical play. Such rooms are found in locations such as BDSM studios, BDSM clubs or BDSM party locations.

In stark contrast to dungeon-style rooms which are typically rough and dimly lit, white rooms are stereotypically white, often brightly lit, and designed in the style of a medical examination or operation room. There will be medical furniture such as examination tables, tables or seats with stirrups to hold the 'patient' in the lithotomy position that provides best access to their genital and anal areas, often with added restraints for bondage. There will be toys for medical play, such as enema kits, latex gloves and examination instruments; lubricants, etc. The floor will be usually easily cleanable, such as tiled or PVC, to permit messy play involving liquids. Hygiene and disinfection is particularly important in medical play and white rooms are designed with that in mind. White rooms are also well suited for wax and needle play.

For white room sessions, dominatrices often change their outfits to dress as (sexy) doctors or nurses.

Marquis Films[edit]

There is also a series of fetish films by Marquis Films titled White Room, and a compilation titled Pure White Room.