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Vintage French F/F spanking photo by Ostra Studio (c. 1930s).

The waist-between-legs position is a spanking position in which the spankee gets down on the floor on all fours (see on-all-fours position), and is locked by his/her waist between the spanker's legs. The spanker and spankee are facing opposite directions. The spanker will be standing or kneeling (the latter requires that the spanker is taller than the spankee) and can spank the spankee's buttocks from above. The spanker can additionally use his/her non-spanking hand to keep the spankee's bottom in a good spanking position, or to pull the spankee's clothing tight over the buttocks, or clear out of the way for a bare bottom spanking (as in the images to the right).

If the spanker is standing and the spankee is small (e.g. a preteen child), it is also possible for him/her to be not on all fours, but off the floor while locked between the spanker's legs; either in front (hands off the floor), in rear (feet off the floor), or both.


  • The spankee is not locked by his/her waist, but by his/her head, see head-between-legs position.
  • The reverse riding position, in which the spanker is "riding" the spankee backwards and not standing.
  • The spankee is kneeling and bending over an object (e.g. a low stool, see kneeling position) and is additionally secured in place by being taken between the spanker's legs.
  • The bongo position, where the spanker is seated and and takes the spankee between his legs, but upside-down and with the spankee's legs spread and to either side of the spanker.

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