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  • Country: Sweden
  • Gender: Male
  • Interests: Many, writing is one of them
  • Favourite spanking story series: Child's Play
  • Favourite "single" spanking story: Many

Hello, I´m Qqll or Qlql, I am a Wiki-member from the Kingdom of Sweden.

I have had the interest for spanking for as long as I can remember. I remember the fascination in reading any book that mentioned spanking. The first book I really remember was named "Barn förr" ("Children in the old days"), that was a book with different facts and stories all from the Vikings to the end of 19th centruary and beiginning of the 20th centruary. It mentioned corporal punishment and spanking at many places and situations, for example an very interesting description of the punishment meetings in an boarding school in the 19:th centruary.

When I was about 11 years old I started using internet, and found out how big the spanking world is. At around the same time I wrote my first spanking stories.

Nowadays I write spanking stories mostly in English and my growing collections is stories are uploaded on my Fictionpress .

Se my article for my Bibliography and more.

If you want to contact me, I suggest you just write whatever you want to talk about on the discussion-page. I want to make clear the I am supporting the anti-spanking laws in Sweden and other countries, and that my child spanking-interest only is about fictitious child spankings!

Om någon svensk läser detta, så kontakta mig gärna. Jag skulle gärna lära känna något annat svenskt spanking art- fan. Själv har jag varit intresserad av smisk så länge jag kan minnas, och jag började skriva historier i temat när jag var runt 11-12 år. Utan att skryta kan jag säga att jag har en talang när det gäller att skriva, och jag använder ett förhållandevis avancerat språk. Numera skriver jag mest på engelska, men jag har en stor samling svenskspråkiga berättelser.

Allt gott /Qqll