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Traditional schoolgirl uniform and dunce cap from "Final Exam", a film by User:Jameslovebirch. Video clip.

A uniform is a prescribed set of clothing worn by members of different organizations, associations and companies. A uniform helps to visibly define the status and role of the wearer. A wearer of a uniform may be in a superior or inferior position.


A uniform may be of practical or ceremonial purpose. In the military, for example, personnel will wear a practical uniform for day-to-day purposes which is designed for ease of movement, camouflage and quick access to necessary equipment, whilst a far more ornate, stiff and formal uniform will be worn for ceremonial parades and presentations.

Within hierarchies, variations in uniform are often a designation of rank, that the wearers may know by sight who is superior to whom. The putting on of a uniform may be a way of subjecting a person to that discipline, as its removal may be one of freeing the wearer from restrictions.

Uniforms on high[edit]

The wearer of a uniform is often the bearer of authority, and the dispenser of discipline and correction under certain circumstances. The putting on of the uniform will show to others the wearer's right to administer such a punishment. A military officer has authority over other soldiers lower in rank than him/her. The wearer of a police uniform will have authority over the general public, as would a prison officer over prisoners in a prison.

Uniform lowered[edit]

Other uniform wearers will be in a junior position, subject to the authority of others. the schoolboy in his shorts and the schoolgirl in her gymslip are classic examples of a pupil in their school uniform, under the authority of the teacher.

An enlisted soldier and a junior officer will be subject to their superiors. A maid and a waitress can be told by their uniforms, their duty in your service at once visible.


Other fields of enterprise may not mandate the wearing of a prescribed uniform, yet customary clothing may become irreversibly linked with it. The onlooker will recognize a person's role by his or her clothing, even though it is not required of the wearer. Teachers' roles become more recognizable and maybe even more impressive when they wear their black gowns and a mortar boards. A judge in court dress (robe and wig) projects a more majestic image of the law, but even in normal clothes they can still administer the rules of law.

Erotic uniform[edit]

For some, the real world uniforms can carry an attractive and fetishistic charge, the restrictive formality required of its wearer immensely attractive. For others, the contraction of uniform for the purpose of revealing large areas of skin, and the wearing of more impractical items such as high heels and stockings caries a similar appeal. Nurse, maid and schoolgirl uniforms are often so treated and sold for this purpose.

Uniform wearers[edit]

Amongst those required to wear uniforms are:

Uniforms in fetish videos[edit]

Uniforms, and what they symbolize, play an important role in the production of adult fantasy imagery and films. Uniformed characters are ever-present in countless thousands (perhaps millions) of videos ranging from mainstream pornography to erotic corporal punishment and hardcore BDSM. Actresses, even those in their thirties, their hair in girlish braids or pigtails, appear most often dressed as schoolgirls and cheerleaders as the uniforms suggest innocent sexuality and youthful vitality.

It is rare to find a producer of corporal punishment fetish videos that does not have an inventory of titles featuring schoolgirls in uniform. The demand is so great, in fact, that there are dozens of spanking video producers, mainly in the United Kingdom such as Girls Boarding School, that make only schoolgirl videos. The majority of these titles show students being caned at school by their teacher or principal.

Two companies, Uniform Discipline in the UK, and Spanked In Uniform (based in Amsterdam, Netherlands), offer an array of films featuring the most popular fantasy uniforms. These are: schoolgirls, French maids, nurses, army and navy cadets, waitresses, policewomen, cheerleaders, stewardesses, and erotic dancers.

Lists of fetish videos featuring cheerleader, maid, French maid and nurse uniforms are available on the pages dedicated to those subjects.

Room Service or Spanking (Sarah Gregory Spanking), is an unusual video that features Amelia Jane Rutherford in an old-fashioned hotel bellhop uniform (photos).

Schoolgirl uniform spanking videos[edit]

British schoolgirls in uniform (photo: Asa Jones).
  • The Academy (A) (2022), Zoe Page, Rachel Finch, photos

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