Tucked-under-the-arm position

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Vintage F/F spanking photo, left-handed spanker.

The tucked-under-the-arm position is a spanking position in which the spanker sits on a couch or bed. The spankee is laid next to the spanker, on the left side if the spanker is right-handed and vice versa, and tucked under the spanker's non-spanking arm, so the spankee's waist-up is behind the spanker. The spankee's weight is fully on the couch or bed and spankee does not lie over any of the spanker's thighs.

The spankee is well-secured in this position and the spanker can use his/her other hand to administer the spanking. This position can be an alternative to over-the-knee, underarm and similar positions, useful if the spankee is an adult and heavy.