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"About to get a spanking", rendered art by CopyKats (2020).
Illustration (1920).
"In Trouble" by James Collinson (1825-1881).
"Mishi and Sandy in trouble with Uncle Bill", drawing by Mishi (2008).


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
"Getting little brother into trouble!", artwork by Comixpank (2005).

Being in trouble refers to the state of an offender before their punishment has atoned for a particular crime or anti-social behavior. It can also refer to the emotional feelings of guilt, disgrace over being publicly exposed, or fear of the consequences of their actions. Being in trouble also includes the state of the delinquent while they are undergoing punishment.

Primarily trouble is associated with behaviors that will eventually be forgiven. Particularly offenses by children, misdeeds and misbehavior, but also in adult relationships such as forgetting a planned event. But secondarily it can also be applied to serious problems which a person can't get themselves out of.

"You're in so much trouble!" is a common schadenfreude-filled taunt between kids, often with the ou in trouble drawn out.

Getting in trouble as a meme[edit]

Child characters getting in trouble, usually leading to a more or less just punishment, is a popular meme of comic strips, from The Katzenjammer Kids and Buster Brown to Little girl strips like Nancy, Little Iodine or Little Lulu. The cause of the trouble is never really serious. Often, it is a prank, but also sometimes a mere mishap. The meme is also very popular in animated cartoons and in other art forms characterized by short, humorous narration.

There are many further variants, such as two (or more) characters getting in trouble together, or one character getting another into trouble. Here the story allows for an interesting twist: at first the caught offender gets in trouble, but eventually the true culprit is discovered and also ends up in trouble.

Trouble-causing activities[edit]

Spanking videos[edit]

The overwhelming majority of spanking and corporal punishment videos involve a trouble-making spankee (most often a misbehaving schoolgirl or adult actress ageplaying as a child). The exceptions to this format involve a captive or slave in an abduction/BDSM scenario where the punishment stems from dominance, sexual sadism, or a consensual form of roleplay.

Another common plot device is trouble as the result of reckless driving (accidents, violations, etc.). Titles include: Paddled for Speeding (Amateur Spankings, photos), Damaged The Car (Spanked Cheeks, photos), Don't Speed In My Neighborhood (Punishments Only), Getting Her Car Back (Spanked Cheeks), I Damaged the Car (Red Stripe), Secretary (Firm Hand Spanking), Taking Turns (, photos), and Traffic Violations (Spanked Cheeks). Drunk driving is the subject of The Delinquent (Dallas Spanks Hard) and Drunk Daughters Disciplined (Momma Spankings).

Below are a few examples with "trouble" in their titles.

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  • The Almost Family, example of a vintage comic strip with a boy causing trouble, and ending in trouble (spanking)