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Trespassing is the act of walking on someone else's private property illegally, without authorization. The verb to trespass also has other meanings, generally about passing beyond a set limit or boundary. A trespasser is also called an intruder.

A person trespassing can be—or thought to be—not only a trespasser but a vandal, burglar, (armed) robber, or other criminal. In some countries, a legal concept called castle doctrine permits the use of force (up to and including deadly force) against a trespasser as an act of self-defence.

Trespassing and spanking[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #140
Goldilocks spanked by the big bear. Drawing by Slipper.

The innate curiosity of children can lead them to trespassing, so this reflects in how it is handled as opposed to an adult so caught or even an older minor. A child caught trespassing might, in some circumstances and cultures, end up punished with a spanking, typically by their parents when they learn of it.

Trespassing is a popular subject in spanking stories, comics and videos because the nature of the offense means the caught offender is on the land, or in the house, of the owner, and in their power. Sometimes in spanking fiction the owner will give them a choice of turning them in to their parents (in case of a minor), or to the police, or accept to be punished by themself instead, in a way chosen by the owner. Sometimes they will be punished without even getting that choice. In either case, "caught trespassing" scenarios offer many possibilities as to the ways the punishment can take, and in adult/BDSM fiction, spanking is often among them.

Some examples are:

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Bird Watcher Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci
  • Brandi Is Caught Trespassing (Spanking Teen Brandi), Brandi
  • Tied & Tortured for Trespassing (Captive Chrissy Marie, 2021), photos
  • Trespassers (Spanking Digital)
  • Trespassers Will Be Spanked (Spanking Digital)

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