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Toxcat is a spanking artist who creates rendered spanking art.

He focuses mainly on /m and /f pairings depicting everyday characters and family situations, with an emphasis on atmosphere, child/adult relationships, emotions, light work, as well as a touch of humor at times.

In his opinion, an image is also more enjoyable if it is connected to a short story that provides context and helps the viewer imagine what is happening. He sometimes takes up to several weeks to finish a picture, but wants them to remain available to the public for free.

Having himself almost never got a spanking in his childhood, Toxcat developed an interest in spanking-related things at a very early age (when he was about 5 according to his memories) and was downright fascinated by spankings he witnessed in class. As a result, he would himself teach and spank his own stuffed animals at home.

Although very enthusiastic about many AI works, he decided to continue with regular 3D. His favorite subjects include children’s games and antics, parental care, nature and secrets.


No playing in the rain! Alison’s Egg Trouble
No playing in the rain! Alison’s Egg Trouble
The day started well, but ended badly! This little girl did not think it was a good idea to follow her grandfather’s advice and spent a good part of the afternoon playing in the rain, even if it meant catching a cold. After lighting the stove and putting the kid’s clothes to dry nearby, Grandpa decided to make things right. Our little one is therefore left in the nude to get a good spanking! Alison is a curious and energetic 6-year-old girl who lives with her grandparents in the countryside. One day, her grandpa asked her to collect eggs from the chicken coop, but she got distracted by some baby chicks and broke some eggs in her excitement. Her grandpa scolded her, and she received a spanking to think about her actions and the importance of responsibility. In the end, Alison learned an important lesson and promised to be more careful in the future.