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Tony Elka is the co-founder and one-third owner of the spanking erotica company Shadow Lane, along with his wife, author Eve Howard and their friend and business partner Butch Simms. The company was created in 1986.

Elka is responsible for video production and post-production, DVD authoring, the Shadow Lane website, and all interaction with related businesses such as and Prior to founding Shadow Lane, Elka acted in several M/F corporal punishment videos for Nu-West/Leda Productions, another spanking video company owned by friend Ed Lee. It was at Nu-West that he met his future wife/partner Eve Howard. She also appeared in a few videos, sometimes with Elka, playing a submissive who gets spanked.

Tony, Eve and Butch began hosting spanking parties for their customers in the scene in 1991, initially in southern California, and now exclusively in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tony is also known for aggressively targeting online video piracy, and works along with numerous competing spanking producers to combat the unauthorized sharing of copyrighted spanking videos for the protection of the spanking video industry as a whole.