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"Übergelegt" (Laid over), watercolour by Manuel Ferrari.


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Artwork by Arkham-insanity

Tiptoe (tiptoes or tippy toes) describes the human body posture and locomotion of removing the heel(s) of one or both feet from the ground. Mostly used for gaining addition height or reach it is primary associated with childhood and adults below average in height having to deal with a world not sized for them.

Tiptoes and spanking[edit]

A tiptoe pose is often thought to make the person's legs look more attractive. The lifting of the heel makes the person's buttocks come up a bit higher. Wearing high-heeled shoes does the same thing, essentially.

Some spanking positions require the spankee to stand on tiptoes, for example the half-standing position, if the table or desk's height is high enough, or if the spankee is made to place their feet far enough apart, or far enough from the table. Similarly in the bending-over-back-of-chair position.

Enforcing a tiptoes position can also be used to enhance standing for punishment, e.g. in corner time, or in bondage with the arms tied up.

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