Tie diaper

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A tie diaper (AE) or tie nappy (BE) is a type of reusable fabric diaper that has an exchangeable absorbent inlay and is tied securely shut with fabric bands that are knotted, instead of other systems such as snaps, safety pins, or velcro fasteners.

The diaper may be made of terrycloth or another absorbent, soft and comfortable cloth that is well washable and thus hygienic, usually made of cotton.

In the typical form, two long ties are sewn to the front corners of the diaper. The baby is lifted and laid down such that his/her bottom rests on the rear part of the diaper, with the prefold or soaker-pad in place. Then the prefold is folded up and the back wings are pulled around on top of the prefold. Next, while holding the wings on top of the prefold with one hand, the front part of the diaper is folded up such that it aligns with the rear part and spread around to the sides. The baby's legs should now be nicely enclosed, neither too tight nor too loose. Finally the ties are crossed at the back to the opposite side and tied in a bow at the front. Optionally, a pull-on cover may be added.