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Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Drawing by Franco.

A tie (short for necktie) is a shaped length of material, designed to passed around a shirt or blouse collar, knotted under the chin and fall down the front.

Usually worn as part of formal clothing or as part of a uniform, ties are usually worn by males, but only as part of a school uniform or other uniform by women and girls.

Ties in spanking art[edit]

In spanking art, ties are often drawn as parts of spankee's school uniforms (e.g. in the art of George Jackson Churchward) or as part of the spanker's attire (e.g. a boss or teacher).

Ties in bondage[edit]

Neckties can also be used in bondage scenes, although they are primarily an accessory. Ties are sometimes seen as a form of bondage, and many comparisons are made to a leash. When tightened, ties can slightly threaten air supply, similar to a bondage collar.

"Tie" can also mean a short length of cord or fabric designed for use in bondage.

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