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A woman's buttocks, wearing a V-string thong.
Woman in a white tanga bikini bottom, kneeling on a beach.

A thong (Middle English, from Old English thwong) is:

This article is about the underwear or swimwear.

Features and variants[edit]

A thong's primary features are to cover the genitals and leave the buttocks bare. This is done reducing the back of the garment to a narrow strip or a string-like piece that goes into the cleft between the two cheeks of the buttocks. This piece meets above the buttocks with (usually also a thin) waistband. The front can look like a regular bikini bottom. Thongs are made of differing materials, e.g. cloth or leather. They are worn by females and males.

A G-string is a variety of thong that consists of an elastic string between the bottom cheeks, as opposed to a strip of fabric, giving it a string-like appearance, hence the name. When the top of the g-string looks like the letter T it is also called a T-back ot T-string. When the single string separates into two strings just at or before the waistband or into a small triangle of fabric above the buttocks, like the letter V, it is called a V-string.

Many languages borrow the English word string to refer to this type of underwear, usually without the G. Another common name is tanga or even a string tanga, especially in German, although in English usage, a tanga is not quite as narrow as a thong at the back, but very narrow at the sides (or only connected by strings at the sides).

The intentional or unintentional exposure of the Y-shaped waistband of a thong or g-string above the waistline of low-rise jeans, shorts, or a skirt it is called a whale tail.


Thongs and spanking[edit]

A spanked bottom wearing a thong.

Among lovers, close friends or family members, thong underwear can be particularly inviting to spank the wearer playfully when in the absence of outerwear (such as in the privacy of home) or when the bottom is easily bared, e.g. by flipping up a short skirt.

In consensual spanking, a thong may be worn by the spankee to enjoy a bare bottom spanking without exposing the genitals. Thongs are for that reason popular underwear for spankings at a (semi-)public location such as a BDSM or spanking party.

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