The Merry Order of St. Bridget

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Illustration from the book.

The Merry Order of St. Bridget — Personal recollections of the use of the rod is one of the most famous works of Victorian flagellatory fiction.

It was first published in York, England by John Camden Hotten in 1868 (often incorrectly cited as 1857) as Personal Recollections of the Use of the Rod by Margaret Anson, pseudonym of British author James Glass Bertram (1824-1892).

The novel has been reprinted many times, most recently in 2000 by Blue Moon Books. Some editions used the title The Merry Order of St. Bridget. The book is available online and can be read or downloaded for free.


A French translation was published in 1901 by Charles Carrington under the title Une société de flagellantes, using the writer's pseudonym Jean de Villiot.

Other works by James Glass Bertram[edit]

Under the nom de plume Rev. William Cooper, Bertram also wrote the fictionalized Flagellation and the Flagellants. A History of the Rod (1869), a best-seller for Hotten.

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