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Close-up photo of terrycloth

Terrycloth or just terry for short is a type of fabric, typically of cotton, that is designed with two sets of vertical yarns, one of which is woven tightly and the other is left loose to form loops. The loops may be left as is or cut open. Terrycloth is very thick and can absorb a lot of liquid. It is popular for towels, bathrobes, pajamas, bedcloths and diapers.

Terrycloth became accessible to the general public in the late 19th century. Many people like terrycloth for its sensual qualities, and enjoy the way it feels against their bare skin.

Terrycloth belts[edit]

Terrycloth belts (fabric belts made of terrycloth) are used in bathrobes. They can be used as a pervertible for bondage, such as tying the partner's wrists or ankles together and/or fastening them to an item of furniture or spanking furniture. Terrycloth is soft enough to make this reasonably comfortable, but also usually strong enough to make such bondage, with the right technique, secure. Some spankos prefer fabric belts, with their "improvised domestic spanking" feel, to leather straps, which come with more "formal/judicial punishment" and BDSM connotations.

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