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This template should be used in the "See also" section of an article, when there is relevant content in a particular Wipipedia article. it takes one parameter, the name of the article. This should be exactly the same as the title on Wipipedia, which means that normally the first (and only the first) letter should be a capital letter. Also, there must be no leading spaces in the parameter, or the link will not be formed properly.


  • {{Wipipedia}} will create a link that has the same name as the current page. e.g.:
  • Wipipedia on Wipipedia
  • {{Wipipedia|Spanking}} will create a link with the same name as the first parameter, best for one word links. e.g.:
  • Spanking on Wipipedia
  • {{Wipipedia|Chasity_belt|Chasity belt}} will create a link to the page in the first parameter but will name it after the second parameter, best for multi-word links. e.g.:
  • Chasity belt on Wipipedia

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