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Teen Spanking Tube is a section on the website teen-spankings.com that provides hundreds of free spanking videos (by various professional producers) with adult teenage females as spankees (woman spanking art). All models are above the age of 18.

Teen Spanking Tube is not a video sharing site such as YouPorn or Spanking Tube. Users can only watch, not upload videos. There are no complete films, just brief excerpts and promotional trailers with an average length of 3 minutes.

Some of the better-known companies represented at this site include Northern Spanking, Firm Hand Spanking, Lupus Pictures, Cutie Spankee, Bars and Stripes, Punished Brats, Dallas Spanks Hard, Red Stripe, Girl Spanks Girl, English Spankers, Bun Beating Fun, Girls Boarding School, and RealSpankings.com.