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Drawing of a father spanking his young daughter OTK on the beach while two other older children are mocking her. Artwork by Mame (2017).
For boys who tease and girls who tattle / There's nothing more handy than grandma's paddle.
  — Paddle slogan

Teasing is a word with several meanings.


The most common kind of teasing is verbal taunting, mocking, ridiculing or making fun of somebody. In mild cases, and especially when it is reciprocal, teasing can be viewed as playful and friendly. However, teasing is often unwelcome and then it takes the form of harassment. In extreme cases, teasing may escalate to actual violence and may take the form of bullying and abuse.

Children are commonly teased (and commonly tease other children) on such matters as their intelligence, knowledge, appearance, weight, behavior, abilities, and clothing. This kind of teasing is often hurtful, even when the teaser believes he or she is being playful. Children who are caught teasing others are therefore often reproved and/or punished for hurting their victim's feelings.

In spanking art, teasing about being in trouble is a common theme. especially during the spanking by witness or while the spankee is doing corner time. depending on theme of the piece this could be encouraged the spanker if shame/humiliation is a dominate theme, or stopped by the spanker is a more forgiveness theme.

Erotic stimulation[edit]

Teasing can also refer to stimulation of another person's body that may be unpleasant or pleasant in an erotic way, such as tickling, light touch or other erogenous forms of touch.

To tease, or to "be a tease" in a sexual sense, can also refer to the use of dress, posture, language or other means of flirting to cause another person to become sexually aroused. This use of the word is, for example, the root of the term striptease.

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