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Tardy is the state of being late, slow, or sluggish.

Tardy for school[edit]

A tardy student waits to learn what his punishment will be. A birch and dunce cap are waiting.

Some schools require students to be on campus each morning by a specific time. After that point, the school's gates are closed and tardy students must be let in by a staff member. Late-comers must then report to the Dean's Office or Administration Office (often just called the office). Students without a legitimate excuse, along with repeat offenders, may face disciplinary action, including punishment.

Many schools have laid down a specific policy whereby students go unpunished for a certain number of tardies per semester, after which spanking ensues. Thus, at Enterprise High School in Alabama, for a fourth tardy the student may choose between two licks with a paddle or two hours' detention. For a fifth tardy, it is three licks or three hours, etc.

Likewise at Saint Andrew's Secondary School in Singapore, a caning is administered whenever a student is late for the fourth time in a term, and on each subsequent tardy for that term.

In 1977 a 16 year-old cheerleader in Jones, Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against school officials who wanted to paddle her for being late to class five times.[1] The case was settled out of court.[2]

Perryton High School in Texas introduced a new tardy policy in 1998 whereby at the sixth tardy in one semester the student can choose either a three-swat paddling or three days' suspension, with the same choice again at every subsequent tardy. Assistant Principal Bub McIver said, "Students need to realize that if they are continually late for work, they are not going to be able to keep a steady job. In the real world, there aren't warnings, just consequences."[3]

This, known as the "three or three" policy, was reported to have reduced latecoming by as much as 50% by the second semester in which it was in force.[4]

Tardy for class[edit]

Being tardy for class is considered disruptive to the lesson. Chronic tardiness can result in detention, suspension, or other forms of discipline including corporal punishment. Tardiness that results in a missed roll call is often treated as a skipped class even in older students who attendance is not compulsory, which can result is the class being considered failed if often enough.

Corporal punishment videos[edit]

Erotic spanking videos about schoolgirls and office employees sometimes use tardiness as a reason for administering corporal punishment. There are also many domestic stories about girls who get spanked by their parents for arriving home late or past curfew. Below are a few examples.

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Reality television[edit]

The Principal's Office is a reality television series from truTV documenting the lives and work of 30 school principals in different parts of the U.S. In the "Three Licks" episode (season one, 2008), a teenage girl at Booneville High School in Arkansas faces all-day Saturday detention for repeated tardiness.

The junior chooses the option of taking three strokes from a large school paddle for a reduced half-day of detention. The sound of the paddle striking the seat of her pants, behind the closed door of the office, is heard on camera. (A video clip is available on YouTube.)


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