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Authenticity of the Spencer Spanking Plan[edit]

The earliest verifiable mention of the Spencer Spanking Plan is from Chastisement by John Barry, published in 1966 by Brandon House of California:

A Short History of Spanking

If the text reads as licentious, consider the publisher:

Abebooks search for Brandon House

A search of Abebooks shows Brandon House's record to be primarily erotica, such as Fanny Hill or The Manual of Exotica Sexualia.

John Barry said the Spencer Spanking Plan was famous and responsible for 297 whips being sold in one day, carrying on well into the 1950s with "Whips and Paddles" apparently being a section of the New York Yellow Pages. Since books with a print run of less than 100 copies have been found through Abebooks, and the Spencer Spanking Plan was apparently popular from 1936 to 1950, could a copy be available from one of the 13,500 booksellers participating in Abebooks?

Abebooks search for Spencer Spanking Plan

A quick search of "spanking" in Abebooks will show an active market for rare erotica published well before 1936:

Abebooks search for spanking, highest price first

Another place the Spencer Spanking Plan might show up would be the Library of Congress, which was fed by copies sent for registration to US Copyright Office during 1936 (the source of Back to Common Sense's microfilm record). No record exists of the Spencer Spanking Plan in the Library of Congress:

Link to the Library of Congress Catalog

Another place the Spencer Spanking Plan could show up is WorldCat, which catalogs over 1 billion books in more than 10,000 libraries worldwide. No record exists of the Spencer Spanking Plan in WorldCat, even while logged in to search the entire database:

Local search of WorldCat for Spencer Spanking Plan

The Spencer Spanking Plan states news of the plan caused Dorothy Spencer to be beseiged with letters all over the country inquiring about it. A primary source of news in 1936 would be newspapers. Google's News Archive Search accesses's database of over 77 million scanned pages, going back at least 236 years. No record exists of the Spencer Spanking Plan in Google News Archive Search:

Google News Archive Search for Dorothy Spencer and spanking

No record of the Spencer Spanking Plan, yet "Professional Spankers" made the news in 1905 and 1957:

Google News Archive Search for Professional Spanker

Just as note, it is confirmed not through a book search, but by a phamplet search. See Catalog of Copyright Entries. Part 1. [B] Group 2. Pamphlets, Etc. New Series‎ - Page 1643Library of Congress. Copyright Office - 1937 for Spencer (Dorothy) Spencer spanking plan. 26831. See also Title Discipline or degradation Author Dorothy Spencer Publisher Unique Imports, 1975 Length 24 pages which shows up in a library search as having the alternate title of Spencer spanking plan -- 01:21, 24 July 2011 (BST)