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Arnold Schwarzenegger in swim briefs

Swim briefs, also known as swimming trunks, speedos etc, are a type of swimwear worn by males, especially in competitive swimming and diving. The name Speedo™ came from an Australian company which manufactures such swimwear and, as with many brand names which have dominated certain types of products (such as xerox and band-aid), has come to been used an generic name for swimbriefs.

Like underwear briefs, swim briefs feature a V-shape front and a solid back providing form-fitting coverage. They typically are worn below the lower waist. They are generally secured by thin banding at the upper thighs and either a drawstring around the waist or an elastic waistband.

In spanking[edit]

A spanking may be given over swim briefs as they provide modesty yet minimal protection so the spankee can have a better feeling of the effects of the spanking. Besides, as they are usually worn during swimming activities, the spanking may be given over a wet bottom, which hurts more. The swim briefs can also be easily pulled down for a bare bottom spanking since no underwear is worn below.

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