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Illustration by Georges Topfer.

The supported OTK position is a spanking position that is variant of the classic over-the-knee (OTK) position. It is a kind of hybrid of the OTK and the lying position. The spanker sits and the spankee's bottom rests on the spanker's lap. However most of the spankee's weight rests on a bed or couch.

The spanker takes their seat in the middle of the bed or couch, sitting as far back as possible. Then the spankee goes sideways over their lap, using the support. This position takes much of the spankee's weight from the spanker's lap and also from the spankee's stomach. It is therefore more comfortable for both persons. It can be used for anybody, but is ideal for adult spankees who aren't very lightweight, for long spankings, and for sensual/erotic spanking.

In spanking fiction[edit]

An example of the supported OTK position in spanking fiction:

With a sigh Melody walked over in front of her Mommy and stood quietly, her little hands clasped in front of her, waiting to be turned over Mary's lap. Somewhat to her surprise, her Mommy did NOT unbutton her little red pants before she gently grasped Melody and guided her onto the couch and up and over her lap.

It was actually quite comfortable. Mel was stretched out on her face on the couch, with just her middle being elevated slightly by Mary's legs. She had considerably more support than she usually did, over her Mommy's knees. The bad news was that her comfortable position, and her pants, indicated a long spanking to come.

  Melody's Stories, The Long Afternoon, by Lurking Dragon

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In the half-supported OTK position, only the spankee's torso is supported by a bed or couch, but not their legs. This position is closely related to the frontal over-the-lap position and differs mainly in the spankee lying over both thighs of the spanker's lap, and at a more sideways angle.