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Newspaper ad for "Correction Straps" (1919).

A strap is a straight length of leather or tearproof fabric, usually between 12 to 2+12 inches (13 to 63 mm) wide. A belt is a kind of strap, but when the word strap is used, it usually refers to a strap other than a belt, particularity dedicated spanking implement.

Spanking implement[edit]

Photo of an irish school strap.
Main article: Strapping

Any kind of strap can be used for spanking. A spanking with a strap, or its usage on the delinquent's hand, is known as a strapping.

As a specially designated spanking implement, straps without buckles are used, and are often fitted with a handle. They can be one or two layered. Two-layered straps have a greater stiffness and weight, adding to their severity. Short leather straps are in a way similar to leather paddles, but usually more severe because they hit with a smaller surface as their shape doesn't widen as in a paddle, and also the air resistance is less. A spankee will feel a stinging sensation from the tip of a narrow strap similar to a riding crop.

Specific types of strap[edit]

Photo of a woman with bottom bared, having been spanked with a tawse.

A tawse is a special strap divided for part of its length into two or more narrow, parallel sections, known as tails, which add to the sting.

Another specific type of spanking strap is the Irish school strap.

There is also the narrow groove strap found more in the adult fetish community.

Bondage implement[edit]

Straps with buckles can also be used for bondage.

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