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Japanese woman straddling a bench.
Japanese woman straddling a bathtub.

To straddle means to stand, sit, or lie with a leg on each side of an object that's between the legs. Straddling is well known from riding a horse or motorbike. There is also a gymnastic exercise called straddle that is performed with a leg on either side of the parallel bars.



Externally hosted image on Handprints: F.S.T.'s Colorizations
Spanking drawing by Barbara O'Toole, colorized by Frank Steiner.

The buttocks of a straddling person are spread apart and can not be clenched easily. This makes them more relaxed and better spankable. It also adds to the feeling of humiliation and permits access to the spankee's anus, if desired, e.g. for activities such as erotic stimulation, butt plugging or figging.

For disciplinary and judicial birching, some items of spanking furniture such as the birching horse are designed for the victim to be straddling. When a birching horse is used for a birching, the victim's anal-perineal-genital sphere is fully exposed, and vulnerable to the effects of "whipping in", which is virtually unavoidable, especially when a large birch is used. Historically, many institutions such as schools' and reformatories' traditional method of birching delinquents (of both sexes) involved securing the miscreant to a birching horse.

The straddling position is a spanking position where the spankee is straddling one of the spanker's thighs on their lap.

It is also possible for a spanker to straddle the spankee.



  • spread legs
  • thighs apart
  • to sit astride
  • to stand astride

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