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A barstool used as a "corner stool" with a dunce cap.

A stool is a form of chair without back or armrests. Usually a stool consists simply of a seat mounted on legs — typically three or four legs, but modern stools come also in swivel chair style. The seat may be round, or square, or of some other shape.

A "high" variant of a stool is a bar stool, which sometimes comes with a short back.

Stools in spanking[edit]

For the spanker[edit]

The spanker can stand and place one foot on the seat of the stool, so that the spankee can be laid over the thigh in the over-one-knee position.

A stool of normal height (not a barstool) is an ideal seat for the spanker to administer a spanking in the over-the-knee position. A very low stool (20 cm (7.9 ″)) can be useful for spanking a heavy person such as an adult, as this allows the spankee to rest some of their weight on their hands and knees (a crossover between the OTK and the on-all-fours position). Such a low stool means however that the spanker's legs must be stretched forward.

For the spankee[edit]


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Drawing by Professor Jim.


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Artwork by Arkham-insanity.

In school corporal punishment it was not uncommon to require a delinquent to sit on a special stool as a form of humiliation. This might also serve as a form of corner time, and was sometimes combined with the wearing of a dunce cap.

Requiring a recently spanked person to sit on a stool can prolong and intensify the sting, particularly if the seat of the stool is unpadded. Because the stool has no back or arms, all the weight of the spankee rests on his or her bottom.

A punishment stool is a special type of stool equipped with spikes or other features to make sitting on it a painful ordeal. One such example is seen in the spanking video The SUI Badminton Club, Episode 7: The Sports Centre Interview (Spanked In Uniform, 2014), with Amelia Jane Rutherford sitting on a plastic spiked mat (photo, photo 2).

A spankee can also be laid over a stool to be spanked (kneeling position or bent-over-object position), or can stand bent over with his or her hands on the stool.

In the Melody stories by Lurking Dragon (and other stories using the same setting, Rejuve Universe) a special kind of stool, known as a CornerStool™ was described. It had regular raised areas (of different shapes and sizes for different degrees of severity) to irritate the bare spanked bottom of a spankee.

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