Standing-between-legs position

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Spanking drawing by Spankart (2008).

The standing-between-legs position is a variant of the spanker sitting, spankee standing spanking position.

In this position, the spanker sits and the spankee stands between the spanker's legs. The spanker's legs are closed around the spankee's thighs or knees (depending on the relative height of the spanker and the seat on which the spanker is sitting) and are used to restrain the spankee. The spankee may stand straight, or may bend (or be bent) forward at the waist. In the latter case this becomes a sort of cross between the bent-over-object position (or the leaning position) and the over-one-knee position. However in this position, the spankee's weight remains entirely or primarily on his or feet. Kicking is thus minimized. Additionally, in the standing-between-legs position the spanker does not have to bear the spankee's weight.

This position is not very suitable for a too small spankee, as their buttocks will be too low, and it's not really good for a spankee who is the same size or taller than the spanker, as their buttocks will be too high. Due to the upright pose of the spankee's upper body, the position preserves the spankee's dignity somewhat more than the OTK and other bent-over positions.


  • The spankee can also stand between the spanker's legs facing the spanker. The spanker can embrace the spankee with one hand and hold them tight against his/her own body. The spankee can optionally embrace the spanker too. The angle of spanking is a little odd in this variant though, and vision of the spanking target is limited.