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A clothed woman in bondage, standing, with a gag and a spreader bar.
Unusual 1930s photo of chastity belt and spreader bar from Biederer Studio.

A spreader bar is a tool used in BDSM for bondage to take a submissive's ability to close his or her legs and to enforce spread legs.

It consists of a bar to which ends the sub's ankles are fastened. There are different types of spreader bar: some are adjustible in length, some are made of wood (similar to stocks), and so on. Most commonly, the bar is made of steel and the ankles are fastened to the ends either with straps or with (padded) metal cuffs.

Spreader bars can be used in any position: standing, kneeling, lying, hanging, sitting, etc., and can be left on when changing the position.

They are used for flogging and spanking (spread legs expose the buttocks more than closed legs; in addition, this pose adds to the sub's humiliation).

They also ensure free access to the sub's anus and genitals - e.g. for inspection, for punishment, for masturbation or for sexual intercourse.

Other use[edit]

Spreader bars can also be worn on the wrists.

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