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Staked out on the ground; an illustration by Adolphe Willette (1902).
The standing variant of the spreadeagle position.

The spreadeagle, also spelled spread eagle or spread-eagle, is a position in which a person has arms outstretched and legs apart, figuratively resembling an eagle with wings spread.

Position variants[edit]

The outstretched arms can either be in a 'T' or 'Y' position. The person can be in different orientations, such as:

  • horizontal (lying down)
    • facing up
    • facing down
  • vertical (standing)
    • facing the front
    • facing or the back
    • accessible from all sides
  • vertical (hanging upside down in suspension bondage, only for short periods of time)

Use in BDSM and spanking[edit]

A horizontal spreadeagle is commonly performed on a bed with the spankee's wrists and ankles are tied to the four corner-posts of a bed. Being relatively simple, a spreadeagle tie can be improvised using household items and little experience. Improvising further, additional household items can be used, such as a common padlock for use as a ball lock being careful not to get skin caught in the mechanism, which will add surprise to a male subject. Providing the legs are not pulled too far apart and the ropes are not too tight, the position can be held for some hours without any problem. For the spankee, it feels very exposed and for the spanker it looks good and the knowledge that the spankee is unlikely to come to any harm removes any worry.

There are also special items of spanking furniture designed for horizontal spreadeagle positions. See spreadeagle table.

In an upright spreadeagle, the person's wrists and ankles are instead bound to anchoring points on a wall or restraining equipment like a St. Andrews cross. This position is favored for some BDSM games. The disadvantage of this position is that the bound person will tire more quickly than many other positions and will tend to hang from their wrist, which has safety issues.

A spreadeagle position at an (often adjustible) angle is possible with the Berkley Horse.

As trousers and underwear cannot be fully lowered enough if legs are spread, it's preferable to bare the spankee in advance, at least from the waist down.

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