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Sports refers to athletic games with a set goal.

Sports and spanking[edit]

Spanking in professional wrestling is an example of spanking in a sports context. Also, butt slapping is a common amiable form of communication between athletes.

Fictional fetish stories, videos, and role-playing games sometimes use a physical education (school gym class) or other training scenario in which an athlete, student or cheerleader is disciplined by a stern coach or fitness trainer.

Spanking Videos[edit]

A selection of sports-related titles.

  • Casey Late for Soccer Practice (ATP Studios), Casey Calvert, photos
  • Cheerleader Spanks Volleyball Player (Spanking Sorority Girls), Sarah Gregory, Veronica Ricci, photos
  • Football Player (Sam Johnsons Spanking Studio), photos
  • Hoops Player Spanks Cheerleader (Spanking Veronica Works), basketball, photos
  • Star Volleyball Player Strapped By The Coach (ATP Studios), Casey Calvert
  • Volleyball Training (Spanking Veronica Works), photos

Tennis-related titles:

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