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Spook Squad is a spanking story (potential series) featuring a young police officer in NewAiph. Spook Squad is part of the Aynafesse Chronicles by Lawrence Kinden. The story centers on the investigation of paranormal activity. This story takes place in a city called NewAiph, which is the same setting as X-5 and is likely a reference to Aiphledaliph, a major city state in 'Mancers.


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Coraline Young
Coraline is a young female police officer on the spook squad, the paranormal branch of the NewAiph police department. She is brash and playful, often teasing her Sergeant.
Zane Wipthrop
Zane is a Sergeant in the NewAiph Police Department specializing in paranormal investigation. He is known for his harsh spankings in an organization that has moved away from corporal punishment. He was a member of the first spook squad, made up of him and three civilian scientists. During the time of the first spook squad, he is said to have spanked his young team mates on many occasions. His name, "Wipthrop" is a play on the word "whip".
Stanley Rattan
Professor Rattan is described as a brilliant theorist and scholar. He is enthusiastic and kind and the youngest of the first spook squad. His name, "Rattan" comes from "Rattan Cane'
Emeril Spanner
Professor Spanner is a dry and analytic scientist who was a part of the first spook squad. He is a particle physicist who developed the first methods for fighting and capturing the undead. His name, "Spanner", is derived from the word "spanker". He and Zane Wipthrop once had a romantic relationship.
Virgil Pattal
Doctor Pattal is a psychologist who specializes in talking to ghosts. He's also an unrepentant con man and one of the first spook squad. His name, "Pattal" is a play on the word "paddle".

Symbols & tropes[edit]

Swear words, or curse words, are believed to have actual power, that is, that they could actually curse someone. As such, their use is banned.