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((Leon is Noel backwards))
* [http://danhang.sexusa.net/stanze/stanza21.htm Confession et Récits illustrations] (16 images) on the [[Italian Spanking Art Pages]]
* [http://www.femdomart.ru/pierre/index.htm Leon Pierre gallery] (18 images) on [[Femdomart.ru]]
* [http://vintagevintagefetishart.eroticvisions.eucom/artists/leonpierre.htmlleon-pierre/ Leon Pierre] on [[Vintage Visions]]
* [https://parisolympiapress.com/2015/08/23/books-for-trade-rene-michel-desergy-diana-gantee-collection-des-orties-blanches-illustrated-by-leon-pierre-paris-1932/ Books for Trade,René-Michel Desergy, Diana Gantée Collection des Orties Blanches, illustrated by Léon Pierre, Paris 1932]
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