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* [http://danhang.sexusa.net/stanze/stanza53.htm The Misfortunes of Colette] - illustrations by Eric Galton on the [[Italian Spanking Art Pages]]
* [http://www.femdomart.ru/galton/index.htm Eric Galton gallery] with five images on [[Femdomart.ru]]
* [http://vintagevintagefetishart.eroticvisions.eucom/artists/eric-galton/ericgalton.html Eric Galton] on [[Vintage Visions]]
* [http://lady.sensualwriter.com/category/artists/eric-galton/ Eric Galton] on Spanking Art Archives
* [http://www.fetishartists.com/eric-galton/les-malheurs-de-colette Les Malheurs de Colette] (with Galton's artwork, 5 images) on [[Fetish Artists]]


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