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(Health and safety issues)
Boxing [[child]]ren's ears is a widespread parenting method in almost all cultures. By some authors of parenting books, it is considered a more acceptable form of corporal punishment than spanking because of its informal and possibly less degrading/humiliating nature.
Other authors argued that boxing the ears is actually much more hurtful and degrading than spanking, and additionally comes with much greater risks of injury (to the eye, ear, nose, teeth and jaw) or effects often associated with whiplash injuries.; therefore spanking is preferable and much safer. This is also expressed by the saying:
ear, nose, teeth and jaw); therefore spanking is preferrable and much safer. This is also expressed by the saying:
:''"Never slap a child in the face: Nature provided a better place."''
== Boxing the ears in BDSM ==
{{YouTube|9kFfX-36zSw|[[wikipedia:Co-sleeping|Co-sleeping]] specialityspecialty shop (ソイネ屋~添い寝専門店~ Soineya) in [[wikipedia:Akihabara|Akihabara]]}}
Boxing the ears is often frowned on in the [[spankophile]] community and is rarely found in [[spanking novel]]s and other works of this genre. However it is popular among some [[BDSM]] practitioners, especially in [[D/s]] relationships.

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