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== Use ==
Boxing the ears differs from other forms of corporal punishment in many respects. It is commonly used as an 'informal', ad-hoc punishment, as opposed to a formal chastisement such as a [[spanking]]. A slap to the face is typically given in a spontaneous reaction. Because of this, it is often argued that boxing the ears or slapping the face is not proper corporal punishment at all, but merely a form of violence. The recipient is usually not warned that he or she is about to get face-slapped, there is no [[position]]ing or other preparation, and often, only a single stroke is given. Typically a slap to the face has either the purpose to instantly stop some unacceptable behavior, or to deliver punishment as an ad-hoc reaction to hearing the news of some misbehavior.
Although typically an ad hoc punishment, face-slapping was often used in a more ritualistic manner in mid-20th century Catholic schools, with a misbehaving child called to the front of the room, lectured on her misbehavior, and (if she wore eyeglasses) told to remove her eyeglasses and place them on the teacher's desk. (The order to "put your glasses on my desk" was of course a sign to the entire class the teacher was about to slap the student's face in case that was not already known.) The student's head was sometimes held firmly in position by pulling her hair at the top of her head or by pinching one of her cheeks firmly while the other was slapped, and if the student raised her hands to cover her face, she might be subject to the further humiliation that a classmate would be called to hold her hands behind her back.


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