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The offender is usually punished in [[public]] (outside a mosque) and receives strokes from a [[rattan]] [[cane]] on his/her upper [[back]] over clothing. Men stand when they receive the punishment while women are seated. This form of caning is much less severe in its effects as compared to the judicial canings applied to male criminals in Indonesia's neighboring countries - Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. The caning is meant to [[humiliation|humiliate]] the offender rather than to inflict [[pain]].
Sharia caning is also practiced in Malaysia but is not as common as in Aceh.
School corporal punishment is not unlawful in Indonesia but there seems little evidence of its use in a formal or official manner. However, a video clip exists of a formal flogging at a traditional Islamic boarding school or "pesantren".<ref>[http://www.corpun.com/vidids01.htm Video clip.]</ref>
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