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In [[Singapore]], formal corporal punishment (in the form of caning, for males only) is an official component in the disciplinary system of the armed forces. A subordinate military court can order a soldier to be punished by up to a maximum of 24 strokes of the cane (with a maximum of 12 strokes per offense) at any one court martial. The officer in charge of the disciplinary barracks (where military offenders are detained) can also order caning without a court martial.<ref>[http://www.corpun.com/counsga.htm Singapore: Caning in the military forces] at World Corporal Punishment Research. Includes a photograph of a military caning in progress.</ref> The offender is bound to a [[caning trestle]] (similar to the one used for [[Singapore#Judicial and prison caning|judicial caning]]) in a [[bent-over-object position|bent-over]] position and is beaten on the buttocks, which are covered by a protective layer of cloth to prevent serious injury and [[bleeding]].
==In Thailand==
Soldiers receive light caning in the Royal Thai Army for minor offences. These canings are very much less severe and formal than the Singapore military ones. They are typically carried out in front of comrades, with the offender standing up straight with folded arms to receive a stroke or two on the seat, just as in the typical Thai school caning.<ref>[http://www.corpun.com/vidtha01.htm Video clip of a group caning of Thai soldiers.]</ref>
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