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Child spanking photos are not illegal per se, nor are they usually considered "adult". However under some circumstances they can be considered [[child pornography]], and as such be illegal to create, publish or possess. The exact criteria to distinguish between legal and illegal media are unknown and will depend on the jurisdiction. The examples linked below for the purpose of demonstration can be assumed to be legal, either worldwide or at least in the countries they were published in.
Child spanking scenes in professional, commercial photography are largely taken in the [[stock photography]] business.
Apart from the legal situation, there are ethical considerations. Fun spanking photos are widely accepted as a non-issue because they are seen as harmless depictions of adult-child or child-child play. Photos that depict real punishment spankings (non staged) are widely considered unethical to take and in particular to share, especially so when they involve [[nudity]], as it is very embarrassing for the child. In countries where [[child spanking]] is illegal, such a photo would be considered evidence of [[child abuse]].
* [http://www.corpun.com/pix.htm Picture Index] of [[World Corporal Punishment Research]] (Disclaimer: Please note that this site features images of real [[corporal punishment]].)
* {{commons|File:Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R79742,_Erziehungsmethode.jpg|Example}} ([[F/m]])
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/82871178/Photographers-Choice Mother smacking daughter bottom] ([[F/f]] stock photo)
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/AB05876/Retrofile Father spanking son (5-7) on lap (B&W)] ([[M/m]] stock photo)
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/86003080/SuperStock Father spanking his son] ([[M/m]] stock photo)
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/85906353/SuperStock Mother spanking daughter on bed] ([[F/f]] stock photo)
* [http://www.gettyimages.de/detail/tlp5595828/Time-Life-Pictures Baby sitter Judy Fuss acting out giving her young charge a spanking but believes like most trained sitters that there are better ways of discipling children] ([[F/x]] stock photo)
* [http://skynews9.typepad.com/my_blog/2007/10/government-rule.html Example] ([[F/m]])
* [http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1581853,00.html Example] ([[M/m]])

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