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'''Drew Central High School''' is a [[Public school|public]] [[secondary school]] in Monticello, [[USA|Arkansas]]. It is part of Drew Central School District, which was established in 1927 and covers 570 square miles, all in rural Drew County, from where all the [[student]]s are bussed into Monticello. Monticello itself is not in Drew Central School District, but forms a district of its own, Monticello School District.<ref>History of the Drew Central Schools.</ref> This means that the [[school]] is in the unusual position of being located outside the boundaries of the school district it serves.
The [[Principal]] of the High School is Ms. Melissia Vincent. The district's other schools are the [[primary school|Elementary School]] and the [[Intermediate school|Middle School]]. All three share the same campus in Monticello.
At the High School, there are some 400 students in grades 7 to 12. The average class size is less than 25.<ref>Drew Central Quick Facts.</ref>

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