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*''Achtung! The Desert Tigers'' (1977); a masochist female commandant has herself whipped.
The porn industry also got into the act with a number of films combining rough sex and S&M such as the Mitchell brothers' ''Hot Nazis'', ''Nazi Love Island'' aka ''Prisoners of Paradise'' with John Holmes and Seka, and ''Hitler's Harlot''.
(A video clip from ''Prisoners of Paradise'' can be watched at [http://www.spankingtube.com/video/1653/prisoner-of-paradise-1980 SpankingTube].)
In Hong Kong and Korea, the makers of exploitation films created an Asian variation on this theme with films like ''Bamboo House of Dolls'' (1973) and ''Escape from a Women's Prison''. Instead of Nazis, these movies depicted the atrocities perpetrated by occupying Japanese forces on Chinese and Korean civilians during the war.


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