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Formerly, only young men, among whom the Church hoped to recruit for the [[priest]]hood, and seminarians, who needed the training, performed this service. Today, also [[adult]]s and [[girl]]s are permitted, so the preferred [[age]] and [[gender]] neutral term is '''altar server'''. Another term that was used more in the past than now is '''acolyte'''.
== Spanking of altar boys ==
Since a cleric is a [[religious authority figure]] to his altar boys and acts as a [[teacher]] and [[in loco parentis]] while training and supervising them, an altar boy who [[misbehavior|misbehaved]] could expect some form of [[punishment]] from the cleric. Occasionally this may have included [[spanking]]s. However this [[M/m]] cp scenario is much more seldom than the two most common ones, father/son and teacher/student.
== Sexual abuse of altar boys ==
Occasionally altar boys have been victims of sexual [[child abuse]] by [[pedophile]] priests.
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