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==Masturbation and spanking==
At one time masturbation was commonly regarded as sinful[[sin]]ful or unhealthy or both; sometimes refereedreferred to as ''self-abuse''. Therefore, [[child]]ren were [[punishment|punished]] when detected in masturbation, not infrequently with a [[spanking]]. Sometimes a [[wet dream]] aftermath might be interpreted as such evidence.
Nowadays the unhealthy concept has falling to the wayside with a general neutrality being prevalent, with hints there might even be health (physical and psychological) benefits.
Being spanked for engaging in masturbation is a typical [[plot]] of a number of [[Spanking story|spanking stories]].
In some [[BDSM]] [[relationship]]s, one partner (most often the [[submissive]] partner) may be forbidden from masturbating, or from doing so in the absence of the other partner, or from doing so without permission. Violations of such agreements may be reasons for spankings or other punishments. The ban can also be enforced with the help of a [[chastity belt]].
[[Spankophile]]s also often enjoy masturbating while (or after) reading spanking stories, viewing [[spanking art]], or watching [[spanking video]]s, if they find such media [[sexual arousal|sexually arousing]].

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