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=== School corporal punishment ===
Formal [[school corporal punishment]], however, still exists in Vietnam today, and is applied to both [[schoolboy]]s and [[schoolgirl]]s. Even though Vietnam was colonized by the French, these punishments appear to resemble [[UK|British]]-style [[caning]]s, as a thin [[rattan]] [[cane]] is used, or in other cases, a type of [[paddle]] or long [[ruler]]. The student either adopts a [[standing position]] or [[lying position|lies flat]] on a desk or bench, and receives the strokes on his or her [[bare bottomsbottom]] The beating is sometimes given on the hand ([[hand caning]]). Serious naughty students are sent to [[reformatory]] (Nhà trừng giới), where harsher disciplines are used and students recieve harsher [[corporal punishments]] like caning, birching, switching, flogging,... on their [[bare bottomsbottom]], in private or in front of class due to their offenses.
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