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[[Image:Bel culo in leggings.jpg|thumb|A woman in black leggings.]]
[[File:The bend.jpg|thumb|Three women [[bending over]] a fence: two in black leggings, one in blue [[denim]] [[jeans]].]]
'''Leggings''' refer to several types of [[leg]] coverings, a.k.a. stretch pants. Modern usage from the 1960s came to refer to [[elastic]] close-fitting garments: typically much like [[tights]], but opaque and without feet. Stirrup tights, which have an elastic [[strap]] that runs under the heel, are a kind of a cross between tights and leggings. Most leggings are [[ankle]]-length, but shorter lengths also exist that resemble Capri pants (popularized in the 1950s). Leggings are typically worn by women, and less commonly by men.
Leggings can be worn as (long) [[underwear]]—especially butby those required to wear a [[skirt]] or [[dress]] as part of a [[uniform]] and are looking for additional warmth—but also as an outer garment: for fashion, as casual wear, or sportswear, e.g. for yoga or running. Where tights are usually covered by an outer garment at the hips area (like a [[skirt]] or [[shorts]]), leggings can also be worn uncovered. They are close-fitting and thus can draw attention to the legs and [[buttock]]s.
A [[visible panty line]] or a [[camel toe]] can easily occur when leggings are worn as an outer garment.

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