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Marks, having found his new niche, became the best-known maker of [[spanking videos]] in Britain, releasing a new title under the Kane International brand every month or two in the late 1980s and early 1990s. With his background in comedy and mainstream erotica, he steered British spanking cinema away from the more austerely punitive approaches favoured by [[Roué]] and [[Blushes]] in the early years of the video era. It is nevertheless extraordinary that he avoided prosecution under the Video Recordings Act 1984, which made it illegal to sell films that were not certified by the British Board of Film Classification.
A short, rotund man with a moustache, spectacles, and swept-back grey hair, Marks sometimes appeared in his spanking films, usually as himself, the editor of ''Kane'', yet he always hankered after comedy. ‘I’m doing this in the way I’ve done everything else,’ he said. ‘Giving people what they want with a bit of humour, a bit of fun and if it helps people as well, that’s good’. Operating on the outermost fringe of British show-business, he enjoyed a reputation as an essentially harmless hard-drinking eccentric.
Marks released 101 spanking movies under the Kane International banner. After his death in 1997, the Kane [[spanking company]] was continued by his daughter [[Josie Harrison-Marks]]. She went on to create the [[Top Marks]] brand and release 35 more video titles. An obituary in a national newspaper commented, ‘Harrison Marks was a byword for the softest kind of soft pornography, a smut pedlar who became a self-perpetuating legend. He was twice bankrupt, twice arrested and four [?] times married, a vaudevillian at heart who pioneered porn in Britain and lived all his life in the same house where he was born.’ <ref>Tony Sloman, ‘Obituary: Harrison Marks’, ''The Independent'' 10 July 1997.</ref>
==Filmography as director (spanking films only)==


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