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'''Spanko''' (formely known as '''SuperSchtroumpf''' and '''SuperSmurgger''') is a male [[France|French]] [[graphic design]]er, [[drawing|drawer]], [[cartoon]] and [[spanking artist]], born 1992, living in the south of France. He's active in the [[child spanking art]] area, as well as [[adult spanking art]].
Since 2015 he is also a [[spanking author]] under the [[pen name]]s '''Orson Hugger''' and '''Melchior Jourdan'''.
== Childhood and art progression ==
Spanko was born on November 9th 1992 in Villeneuve St George (Near Paris, France). He grew up there for 3 years, before his parents moved in south of France, where he still lives today.
His attraction to [[spanking]] began when he was 10 year-old, but it actually became a major interest to him at the end of high-school, when he started browsing the net, looking for spanking pictures.
At the beginning of 2009, SuperSchtroumpf went on the famous [[boy spanking art]] site [[Boyz Being Boyz]], where he found a picture of a Care Bear getting spanking. Looking for the artist, he found [[DeviantArt]], the site where his artistic life began.
He started drawing [[spanking drawing|spanking pictures]] in April 2009. But it really started on February 2010, and became a major part of his art with the beginning of his studies and the huge efforts he made to improve his drawing skills from September 2010.
== Spanko's art ==
{{BBB|gallery122|6|bart_is_in_trouble_thumb.jpg|"Bart is in trouble"}}
Spanko's spanking scenes are mainly focused on the punishment of children and adult characters. Mainly ironic, blending [[humor]] and funny situations such as [[role reversal]]s, and also highlighing his attraction to spanking. Generally speaking, his art is oriented to punishment, but can also concern subjects like [[birthday spanking]] and [[fetish]] spanking. The desire to recreate childhood punishment scenarios is a recurrent theme in his artistic style.
His favorite [[pairing]]s are [[M/M]], [[M/m]], [[M/f]] and [[M/F]], as well as some [[F/f]].
His art is exclusively computer colorized, originally from paper [[sketch]]es, using a [[graphics tablet]] and [[Photoshop]].
Spanko currently has all of his art hosted on [[AnimeOTK]].
Spanko draws his inspirations from a wide variety of fellow spanking artists, such as [[Arkham-insanity]], [[Lee Warner]], [[Fred Vegerano]], [[Collegeboy]], [[Funbun]], [[_Cf]], [[Comixpank]], [[Palcomix]], [[Miyuki]], [[Ruka]], [[Sassy Bottoms]]...
== Spanko's writing ==
The author's first erotic spanking books ([[e-book]]s) include:
* ''The Chronicles of Tears: Spankisode 1 - The Initiation'' (as Orson Hugger, English)
* ''Le Cycle de Colonia – Tome 1 : “Une Nouvelle Menace”'' (as Melchior Jourdan, French)
* ''The Colonia Cycle of Colonia: Volume 1 - New Threat'' (English translation)
== See also ==
* [[Spanking fetishism]] (for "Spanko")
== Links ==
* [http://www.melchiorcreations.com/ Melchior Jourdan's website]
* [https://animeotk.com/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/896 SuperSchtroumpf's gallery] on [[AnimeOTK]]
* [http://boyzbeingboyz.com/gallery116.php SuperSchtroumpf's Male Spanking Art #1] on [[Boyz Being Boyz]]
* [http://boyzbeingboyz.com/gallery122.php SuperSchtroumpf's Male Spanking Art #2] on [[Boyz Being Boyz]]
* [http://boyzbeingboyz.com/gallery138.php SuperSchtroumpf's Male Spanking Art #3] on [[Boyz Being Boyz]]
* [http://supersmurgger.deviantart.com/ SuperSmurgger] on [[deviantART]]
* [http://orsonhugger.deviantart.com/ Orson Hugger] on [[deviantART]]
* [http://m-j-books.deviantart.com/ Melchior Jourdan] on [[deviantART]]
* [http://melchiorjourdanbooks.tumblr.com/ Melchior Jourdan] on Tumblr
* [https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSchtroumpf Melchior Jourdan] on [[YouTube]]
* [http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=16464087 orson.hugger] on [[Pixiv]]

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