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[[File:Washing Hannah's Mouth Out.jpg|thumb|A Teen getting her mouth washed out. [[Wolfheart]] (2019)]]
Mouthsoaping is stereotypically a [[child]]'s punishment, although it is now rarely actually used on children in most societies. When used on [[adult]]s, it intentionally evokes the image of childish punishment. In a [[BDSM]] context, mouth soaping or the threat of it is most likely to be found in an [[ageplay]] scene, although it does occur, at least in [[fiction]], in [[domestic discipline]] contexts.
==Mainstream films==
* In [[A Christmas Story]] (1983) a boy gets a mouth washing from his [[mother]] for saying a [[cursing|swearword]]. Asked where he has learned that word, he can't say the truth (which is: from his [[father]]) and instead blames his [[classmate]]. His mother then rings his classmate's mother and we can hear a [[spanking]] on the telephone (off screen). The boy when contemplating his [[punishment]] imagined his [[parents]] ''being sorry'' for punishing him when the soap makes him blind.
==Corporal punishment videos==

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