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CopyKats' second attempt at a machine was based on the idea of a household device intended for the spanking discipline of children. The idea was that the machine, when not in use, would be housed in a standard size cabinet - the same size as a dishwasher or washing machine ({{convert|600|x|600|mm|abbr=on}} base and {{convert|1000|mm|abbr=on}} high). The machine opens at the front to reveal a bench, handlebars and a paddle arm. In the most recent model, the handlebars hold a device about the same size as a smart phone, and this is used to control the machine. The handlebars also have buttons in the grips which must be held in during a session (thus preventing the child moving her hands behind her). Standing or bending positions are possible and there are several different paddles.
The following is a 3D rendered version of a real spanking machine, available for purchase.
<gallery caption = "Real spanking machine">
<gallery caption="Steampunk Discipline">

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