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Kat's Birthday Spanking.

Amateur video of a spanking line.

Four girls play Spanking Machine.

The spanking line, also sometimes called spanking train or spanking machine (in analogy to the concept of a mechanic spanking machine) is a spanking game based on the running the gauntlet principle. A group of players stands in a line with their legs apart. Another player has to crawl through that "tunnel" as fast as possible while the standing players try to land spanks on his or her bottom.

This game is sometimes played on birthday parties as a variant of birthday spanking, where it is the birthday celebrant who has to crawl through the legs of their friends.

The game can also be played such that everyone gets to go through the "tunnel": the player who crawled through can join the line at the rear standing with spread legs while the person who is now in front is the next to crawl.

Film and television[edit]

  • Sorority spanking line-type paddling initiation ritual from vintage newsreel (c. 1940), YouTube clip
  • RENT-A-GIRL (1965); this sexploitation film depicts a M/F spanking line during a wild party sequence. The film also has more scenes of spanking, whipping and various kinky fetishes.
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ("Doomsday", 1:19, 1965), a science fiction TV series, shows two submarine crewman paddled with flippers as they crawl through a spanking line during a traditional equator-crossing initiation ritual.
  • The Middle ("The Telling", 3:2, May 2012), reference to a domestic running the gauntlet spanking occurs in this ABC family sitcom. Teenage daughter Sue is caught taking her mother's earrings. As punishment, her brother Axl gleefully suggests, "I say we make her take a run down Slap Alley". Raising his hand, he adds, "I call butt and face".