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College Boy Tighty Whities Spanking

Spanking in game shows features spanking as a mock punishment (penalty) in television game shows. It is often found in Japanese game shows that belong to the genre of batsu games (penalty games), or in Western shows that license or imitate these shows.

Game show spankings generally avoid nudity (no bare bottoms), but the player to be spanked may have to lower their pants. The spankings are given for their comedic value, so they are made to appear harder than they are without actually inflicting pain. This can be reached e.g. by using a slapstick that makes a loud noise, or a crop with an oversized slapper. The spankees will usually fake and overact their responses, which is expected from them in batsu games. Sometimes mechanical spanking machines are used for a special show effect.

The Internet phenomenon of spanking challenges in amateur videos in a way mimics this genre.


  • Gonzo Games (USA Network, 1991), game show with two female contestants riding stationary bicycles rigged with a spanking machine that paddles them when the speed decreases.
  • No-Laughing High School (2005) from the variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!. Contestants are sat in a classroom like high-school students. Comedians try to make them laugh. When a contestant laughs, they are declared "out". They get down on the floor on all fours to receive a single seemingly hard spank with an implement before they leave.
  • I Bet You Will (2008), Spike game show, a college girl endures three hard swats with a fraternity-type paddle for prize money. She has to say "Thank you, may I have another" after each stroke.
  • The Pain Game (2012), Dutch game show in which contestants spank each other with a flexible plastic paddle that resembles a flyswatter.

Parodies in BDSM fetish videos[edit]

Some BDSM fetish videos pay homage to or poke fun at such game shows. Examples are:

  • Caning Competition Show (Mood Pictures) uses a mock game show format.
  • S/M Survivor (B&D Pleasures), a BDSM spin on the reality TV series "Survivor".
  • Wheel of Discipline 1-3 (Pacific Force), three-volume spoof of game show "Wheel of Fortune".

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